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As a monthly feature I'd like to present on this page some of the various influences that have inspired me and my work. Hopefully you will find them interesting enough to seek out more information on these great subjects.


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Burian Cover


Prehistoric Man – Illustrations by Zdenek Burian

Since I was a child I’ve had a real fascination for prehistoric man and primitive cultures in general. Of all the books I read on prehistoric life during my childhood, the ones illustrated by Charles Knight and Zdenek Burian were by far the best. Knight of course is remembered as the first artist to accurately visualize dinosaurs and he did his fair share of cave men depictions, but it was the later work of the Czech artist Burian ( February 11, 1905 – July 1, 1981 )that became the most highly regarded visual reconstructions among the scientific community. Often working with the cooperation of university paleoanthropologist Josef Augusta, Burian created over 500 paintings covering all aspects of prehistoric life. This book is part of a series of volumes first published by Artia in Czechoslovakia beginning in 1956. Other titles in the series were Prehistoric Animals, Prehistoric Birds and Reptiles, Prehistoric Sea Monsters, The Book of Mammoths, and The Age of Monsters. Many of Burian’s paintings were reprinted in the books Life Before Man and The Dawn of Man by Abrams and later Crescent publishers. The original Artia large format editions show up often on Ebay and are definitely worth collecting.




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