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As a monthly feature I'd like to present on this page some of the various influences that have inspired me and my work. Hopefully you will find them interesting enough to seek out more information on these great subjects.


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Boris Artzybasheff, May 25, 1899 - July 16, 1965, was a Ukrainian born artist who emigrated to the United States in 1919. Primarily known as a magazine illustrator who employed flights of fantasy using anthropomorphism, he created over 200 covers for Time magazine between 1941 and 1965. He also produced tons of advertising art. Even though he was primarily a commercial artist, Artzybasheff had imagination to burn and created many works of art fully capable of standing on their own. His most imaginative work was collected in the book "As I See" originally published in 1954. This book has long been a coveted treasure among artists and collectors but has recently been reprinted by Titan Books making it affordable to anyone.

Artzybasheff helped to keep the flame of Surrealism alive long after the golden age of 1930's Surrealism had faded into memory.



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