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As a monthly feature I'd like to present on this page some of the various influences that have inspired me and my work. Hopefully you will find them interesting enough to seek out more information on these great subjects.


Howard Pyle Howard Pyle book insideThe Flying Dutchman


Howard Pyle cover


The myth and lore of Pirates has long held a firm grip on the imaginations of children and adults alike. My own introduction into this rich and colorful world came via this classic old book from 1921. I found it on the shelves of my elementary school library when I was in the second grade to be exact. I dimly recall having seen Pirates portrayed in various old animated cartoons and in the 1934 film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s book “Treasure Island” starring Wallace Beery, but this book by Pyle was a revelation. His gritty yet romantic paintings and drawings seemed to capture an authenticity that Hollywood films up to that time appeared to lack. I later came to find out that it was Howard Pyle who pretty much single handedly came to visualize the image of the Pirate that we have come to know today. This original edition of Pyle’s book can be found on the collector book market at collector prices but it has been reprinted by Dover books and is readily affordable. If you have any serious interest in Pirate art this book is the bible.



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