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As a monthly feature I'd like to present on this page some of the various influences that have inspired me and my work. Hopefully you will find them interesting enough to seek out more information on these great subjects.


Albert Hurter   Albert Hurter   Albert Hurter  Albert Hurter   Albert Hurter

Albert Hurter


I'm a huge fan of early Disney animation and this artist was a tremendously important force during those pioneering days.

Albert Hurter was a Swiss born artist who joined the Walt Disney Studio in 1931. Disney saw in Hurter's portfolio of strange and inventive fantasy drawings, entertainment potential and immediately set him up in the story department, which at that time consisted of three people, Ted Sears department head, ex-circus clown Pinto Covig (voice of Goofy) and newspaper cartoonist Webb Smith. Hurter would sit all day in his little office, smoking cigars non-stop, filling page after page of drawing paper with whatever whimsy crossed his mind. He became the first Disney inspirational sketch artist and many of his ideas found their way into such early classic Disney films as Three Little Pigs, Snow White, and Pinnochio.

He Drew As He Pleased was published seven years after Hurter's death in 1942. It was thought at one time to have been published as a tribute by the Disney Studio in appreciation for all the important contributions Hurter had brought to the Studio, but in fact, Hurter had planned and paid for the printing of the book himself. He had specified in his will that his executor carry out his instructions for it's completion.

This book is the Holy Grail of collectible animation books, filled with 700 examples of his wonderful inspiration drawings.



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